Piano Student Picnic!


Just this past weekend, we had our first ever Piano Lessons in Sacramento student picnic… and it was a blast!  There were almost 30 people in attendance, including students and their families, myself and my wife, a helpful neighbor, and a friend of mine who doubled on playing the flute and handling the barbecue!  I was so happy to see the event take shape, after several months of anticipation.  We are definitely looking forward to doing this again!

Watch this slideshow of the student picnic created by the amazing Charr Crail (www.charrcrail.com):

Highlights of the event included several performances by some of my younger (aka child) students, original compositions by members of my Advanced Piano Improvisation Class, and lots of great food (and water of course, it was hot out there!). It is great to see our community of musicians and supporters come together to enjoy a little time
together. Also, it is always satisfying to see my students growing musically: this was the first time the Improvisation Class had performed together, and it was also another student’s first ever performance with me.

Big thanks to everyone who came out!


Photos by Charr Crail (www.charrcrail.com):

Audience student picnic

The audience shows their support.

Piano Improvisation Class student picnic

Students from the Advanced Piano Improvisation Class perform.

family and friends student picnic

Family and friends enjoy themselves.

Ethan Student Picnic

Piano student Ethan plays.

Students at Student Picnic.

Students Jim and Alison smiling.


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