Are you looking for the BEST Sacramento piano lessons for adults or online piano lessons?

Piano Lessons in Sacramento


Are you:
— feeling frustrated or stuck with your piano playing?
— tired of making slow progress?
— dreaming of getting back to playing piano, even if it has been years since you played?
— ready to radically increase your musical abilities?
— ready to start playing the piano the way you always wanted to?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need a professional, experienced teacher who knows how to help you meet your playing challenges and coach you to success!

Piano Lessons for People Who Love Music

Hi, I’m Chris Goslow — I teach, train and mentor adult piano students online and in-person. Since I started my piano studio in Sacramento, CA back in 2012, I have helped many, MANY people like you to grow as musicians, discover or re-discover their love for making music, increase their knowledge of their instrument, expand their own musical creativity, and gain confidence as performers.  My studio has also been featured on Good Day Sacramento and was a Finalist for “Best Music Instruction”  in  KCRA’s 2016, 2017, and 2018 A-List Contests.

I know what it is like to be frustrated, to want to learn to play piano or express your creativity through music but to not know how to. I have been through these frustrations myself and I am committed to helping you achieve your musical goals and become the pianist, composer, or songwriter you want to be!

“I tell everyone that I am taking piano lessons. I’m actually very proud of it.” –Susan H.

Ten Reasons to Take Lessons with Me:

1.   I offer a FREE introductory lesson where I will assess your actual musical goals and design a program that is customized with those goals in mind. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all teaching programs.

2.   You will learn to play piano a lot faster than you would on your own.

3.   You will learn skills that are relevant to your musical goals.

4.   You will have MORE FUN learning to play music than you ever thought you could.

5.   You will be a part of a learning community of other students who share your passion for music, piano-playing and creativity.

6.   You will learn from an experienced PROFESSIONAL musician, songwriter, and composer who is also TRAINED in how best to teach you to get the results you want.

7.   My program offers additional resources that no one else offers to enhance your learning experience.

8.   You will learn and implement improved practicing strategies and techniques.

9.   I care about you getting the results YOU want and having a LOT of fun while doing it!

10.   My program is designed to help you grow not just as a musician but also as a person, helping you gain confidence, increase your problem-solving skills, and grow in your ability to achieve your goals.

Bill W - Testimonial

“Over the course of the last year plus, I developed more skill than I actually thought I would.”
–Bill S.

What separates me from traditional piano teachers:

Benefit Traditional Piano Teachers Piano Lessons in Sacramento
Personalized coaching based on your goals
A variety of formats and lesson options to suit you
The opportunity to be musically creative at the piano from day one
Piano coaching which helps you grow in your understanding of how music works while you learn to play
Opportunity to interact with and learn from other students
On-going hands-on performance experience and the chance to gain confidence as a performer
Opportunity to grow holistically as a musician and learn diverse approaches to piano playing
Thomasina T - Testimonial

“I’m playing at a level I really never thought possible.”
–Thomasina T.

The Right Piano Instructor For You

Many students get tired and/or bored in traditional piano lessons. Yet learning to play piano can and should be a joy that also helps the student grow in all respects: as a musician, student, and human being. With my piano lessons in Sacramento, CA, this is exactly what you will get: the best piano instruction, as well as personal mentoring to gain skills needed to accomplish your musical goals. This can lead to enormous fulfillment and personal joy, which will benefit you in your whole life!

Begin Your Piano-Playing Journey

The decision to learn piano can be one of the best investments you make for yourself. It can also benefit those around you, as playing music can be inspiring and motivating to others. Do not wait any longer to start making your piano dreams come true!