Piano Improvisation class showed her she could make up music…


Are you looking for piano lessons but don’t want the usual model of music lessons?  Did you take traditional piano lessons when you were younger, and now want to try something a different?   Do you think it would be fun to play music with other people? Are you interested in exploring contemporary music forms such as pop, rock, or even classic standards?

If any of these sound like you, you may be interested in my Piano Improvisation Program. For several years now I have taught piano improvisation for adults. In these classes, students get the unique chance to learn to play piano while playing with others, and while being encouraged to be creative and learn from a dynamic, creative point of view.

In the video above, you will hear from three of my piano improvisation students. Each has gotten unique benefits from being in piano improvisation class:   Lisa found her love of being creative and spontaneous at the piano after taking years of traditional lessons as a child and never once improvising.  Robin, an experienced and active musician already, learned new creative skills that gave him the confidence to try out for a rock band, something he had never done before. Finally, Janet gained creative inspiration and begin writing her own music… which you can hear them playing in the video!

As a trained musician, I pride myself on my music reading and classical skills, and I train many students to grow in these ways.  Yet the skills you develop when doing piano improvisation, such as playing by ear, jamming with others, and even making up your own music, are pretty spectacular as well!  These are the skills I aim to pass on in my piano improvisation program.  Perhaps more than any other part of my program, my piano improvisation classes have helped foster in my students musical independence, creative confidence, and a love of playing music with others.

I hope that this video is inspiring to you.  If what these students talk about lights you up, I hope you will ask me about joining my piano improvisation program.  What could it do for you?




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