Performing: A Great Way to Inspire Students

I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but in addition to being a piano teacher and music mentor, I’m also a performer myself.  In fact, I have done hundreds and hundreds of shows.  I really enjoy sharing my other musical projects with my students.
I think it’s a great way to inspire students (it’s also a lot of fun for me).

In the next few months I have numerous shows I wanted to let you know about in case you want
to come out and say hello!  Here they are:

Next weekend I will be doing three shows with “Let’s Hang On,” a Franki Valli Tribute Band

(flying in from Florida no less!):
September 23 @ 7:30pm  Let’s Hang On – Franki Valli Tribute Band 
Orchard Creek Amphitheater, Lincoln
September 24  @ 7:15pm Let’s Hang On – Franki Valli Tribute Band 
Hutchins St Square Performing Arts Center, Lodi
September 25 @ 3:00pm Let’s Hang On – Franki Valli Tribute Band 
El Campanil Theater – Antioch
Then, in October I am performing with Departure, a Journey Tribute band I am returning to
after a two year hiatus:
October 15 –  Departure (Journey Tribute Band)
 Swabbies on the River,  5871 Garden Highway, Sacramento
 Visit Venue Website or call 916-920-8088 for exact show time
Lastly, in November I will be playing piano for Pleasant Grove High School’s production 
of the musical version of “Sister Act”:
November 3 – 12 (8 shows)   Sister Act – Pleasant Grove High School, Elk Grove
Contact me closer to the date for ticket info!
 I love seeing familiar faces at my performances, so I hope you can make it out!
My other life as a performer

From behind the keys, Summer 2015, Lincoln, CA


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