Get In-Depth Piano Help! (V.I.P. Day)

Are you looking for in-depth, concentrated help on your piano playing in a short period of time?  Do you want uninterrupted guidance and support towards achieving your goals quickly?  If so, a V.I.P. Day option may be right for you.  This is a unique service I am offering to allow students to spend several hours (or more) at one time working with me.

The benefits of the V.I.P Day include:

  • Go in depth with me on any of the musical problems you are working on.  We will get to the source of what you need to do to improve your playing or learn your music.
  • Get all your music-related questions answered. Pick my brain any way you want.
  • Get comprehensive guidance in all areas of your playing so that you can make great progress even faster.
  • Get uninterrupted feedback from me as you play so that you can develop the best practice and playing habits.
  • Take advantage of my 11+ years of piano teaching experience to quickly give you the tips you need to accomplish your musical goals.

You might consider the V.I.P. Day if you:

  • have a special performance coming up and want to go deep with your music
  • have a music composition or songwriting project that needs some in-depth assistance
  • prefer “immersion” type training that lasts longer than usual
  • want to focus on nothing but music for an extended length of time free of other distractions

There are all types of needs, and some students just want the extra time and attention all at once.  If that sounds like you, I urge you to sign up.

Watch student describing the benefits of doing the V.I.P. day:

V.I.P. Options:

(Note: For a limited time I am taking $50 off the tuition for either V.I.P package)

Deep Dive Session – 2 1/2 Hours Coaching, $250 $200 ($325 Value)

Half Day Session – 4 Hours Coaching plus 1 hour lunch/discussion, $450 $400 ($575 Value)

V.I.P. Day Options

Got questions? Interested in a full day session? Email me at chris (at) or call me at 916-910-8686