Achieving Your Piano-Playing Dreams


All throughout life, the principle of persistence is at work.  This principle explains the incredible levels of skill attained by advanced pianists (and all other advanced artists in any field). It is not usually so much that they are “talented” as the fact that they simply never stopped learning until they attained a highly advanced level of skill. They did not stop at mile 12, or mile 112, or even mile 1112. They went all the way to the finish line. They are recognized, by and large, because of their unusually higher amounts of persistence and consistent dedication, which naturally result in unusually high levels of expertise.

This level of expertise is rarely found because so few people actually keep going until they attain high levels of expertise!  It is lack of persistence, more than any other fault, which causes many people to fail to reach their true goals and dreams.

Piano Persistence

Now, as a piano student, you may be aiming for musical greatness. Or you may be aiming simply for satisfaction or personal enrichment. Either way, this principle can be used to your great advantage. When you commit to becoming persistent in everything you do, in everything you undertake, and in everything you attempt to learn, you greatly stack the odds in your favor that you will achieve what you are looking to achieve, or at least achieve significant results that will no doubt surprise and delight you.

Persistence is a habit that is actually fairly easy to achieve. You simply need to not give up. It is not that you need to practice piano for hours and hours every day. It is more that you need to put in time, consistently, playing at the instrument, working on the passages or pieces you are working on that week. You just need to keep trying. Consistently applying yourself to learn something new, to increase your knowledge, and to get even the tiniest better at your instrument: this will ADD UP. Before you know it, you will begin to see yourself attain that coveted quality known as skill. And soon enough after that, you will begin to stand out, as you begin to develop expertise. At this point you are on your way to mastery.

I advise you to become committed to being persistent in your piano playing efforts. When you master this habit, you begin to master one of the biggest causes to people’s own lack of achievements. As I have said, it is not so much that people are incapable of achieving as that so often people simply stop working at it. That is their downfall. The finish line is closer than you think for someone who refuses to stop moving forward, and who commits to taking the journey.

Commit to taking the journey! Commit to continually taking the steps that comprise the journey, and to not let yourself stop until you know you have gotten where you want to go, or at least until you have seen yourself cover substantial ground such that you see the results of applying this principle. This is such an incredibly huge practice that it can literally transform the results of your life. This is definitely true with regard to piano playing. Being persistent in taking lessons, and continually sitting down at the piano and working at it, continually making the effort, and continually going for it whether you think you are making quick progress or not: these actions will surely lead to great, or at least greatly satisfying, results.

Once you commit to a mindset of persistence, and take the consistent actions of regular focused, practice at the piano, you may astound yourself by what you are capable of. You may be surprised by how much you can learn, how much more you is possible for you than you ever dreamed of. All because you took this simple law of nature in hand and decided to make it your own.

Here’s to your persistence!

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