Piano Skills and Mastery Program

Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted learning program where you can have fun learning piano in a positive learning environment?  Introducing the Piano Skills and Mastery Program!

Whether you played piano in the past or this is your first time, whether you are a busy working adult, retired, or a motivated teenager, my Piano Skills and Mastery Program may be perfect for you!

Traditionally, piano lessons work exclusively with the 1-on-1 teaching model, where the student meets with the teacher once a week to learn.  This is generally a very beneficial way to learn, yet it is not the only way.  Often times there are dimensions to the learning process that are missed when the student is interacting solely with the teacher.  The fact is, people often learn from observing and interacting with others.

Piano Skills and Mastery Program

At times, it can be easier to pick up a lesson by watching a teacher work with someone else.   Also, seeing others do well can help motivate students to achieve their own or similar goals.

Also, piano is a historically lonely instrument to study, with pianists working primarily by themselves, sometimes for years and years before they play with anyone else.  Playing with others can not only be extraordinarily beneficial in teaching students to listen, count, and collaborate, it can often make music more fun!

With these things in mind, plus my 11 years of teaching experience in both one-on-one lessons and groups classes, I have created a dynamic and unique learning program that integrates the best of both worlds:  one-on-one learning and a group learning experience.

The Piano Skills and Mastery Program is designed to foster student learning from multiple angles:  working one-on-one with me, working on music by themselves, working alongside others who are learning, and playing with others.

The benefits of this program include:

  • This is a multi-faceted learning program.  Learning comes from multiple directions, and this program incorporates this.  From one-on-one private coaching with me to group learning, from listening to others perform to playing with others, this program is built to give you a 360 degree learning experience.
  • I will customize your program to fit your needs.   Designed for people with varying skills or goals.  You can be a beginner, or you can have played for 10 years.  This may be your first piano lesson ever, or your first lesson in 20 years.
  • The program is adult-friendly.  This program is designed for motivated adults, even busy ones, and teenagers.
  • The program is self-paced.  This program can work for the complete beginner or the experienced piano student.  It works if you have hours every day to practice or can only afford to put a little time every day.  You can take the fast track and make accelerated progress toward your playing goals, or if you are busy or just want to be more relaxed about it, take more of a “cruise control” approach.  You WILL see results and still fit it into your life.
  • The program is interactive.  Learn from me and from other students in a positive learning environment.  Also learn to play music with others.
  • You get to experience playing with and for others, as well as one-on-one instruction from me.
  • The program can work for you whether your emphasis is traditional music reading or, if you are more creatively minded, piano improvisation.

Ready to get started?  Here’s what you do next:

Note: Because of the importance of giving yourself time to learn, the Piano Skills and Mastery program is intended for students who can commit to at least a year.  However, there are options for students to join for 6 months, or even try it on a monthly basis.

To get started, please contact me by filling out your piano interest form here.

I look forward to helping you!