2016 Sacramento A-List Finalist Best Music Instruction!

Piano Lessons in Sacramento finished as a finalist (4th place) for this year’s Sacramento A-List contest in the category of Best Music Instruction! This was truly a great surprise for me, as I didn’t know what to expect when the studio first got nominated.  The best part for me was seeing how our community rallied around the studio in support. I … Continue reading

Performing: A Great Way to Inspire Students

I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but in addition to being a piano teacher and music mentor, I’m also a performer myself.  In fact, I have done hundreds and hundreds of shows.  I really enjoy sharing my other musical projects with my students. I think it’s a great way to inspire students (it’s also a lot of fun for me). In the next few months … Continue reading

Watch our Good Day Sacramento TV segments!

Here is the footage from Good Day’s recent visit to Piano Lessons in Sacramento. It was such a thrill to have them come and visit, plus I gave Kevin, the producer, an actual piano lesson in between segments and he performed ON THE AIR (!).  Honestly, I was completely surprised when I saw the TV footage because it was an entirely … Continue reading

Good Day TV Producer takes his first piano lesson… ON AIR!

(Note:  This post is about my experiencing teaching Good Day producer Kevin Hernandez during Good Day’s visit.  Click here to watch the actual Good Day TV footage.) It’s 6:45am on a Sunday morning. Charr and I are up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I look out the window and across the street the TV van is already coming our way. I run … Continue reading

Help Us Win Sacramento’s A-List!

I was thrilled recently to find out that Piano Lessons in Sacramento has been nominated for the Sacramento A-List under the “Best Music Instruction” category (!).   The Sacramento A-list is an annual “Best Of”  voting program that honors businesses in the Sacramento area.   This is my first time being involved with the A-List, and I was honestly quite surprised to see … Continue reading

Piano Pedaling Basics (Video Lesson)

Pedaling is an important part of piano playing, and effective pedaling generally helps the pianist create the effect of “legato” or smooth playing. It also can help sustain notes when the pianist has moved his or her hand to do other things. This video is designed to give a simple introduction to proper pedal technique. We want to have our … Continue reading

Your First Piano Lesson

This video is of a simple piano lesson introducing you to the very basics of the keyboard.  It is meant to explain the layout of the keyboard for easy comprehension AND to get you to start playing on the keys with both hands.  Many would-be piano students can be intimidated by the apparent complexity of the keyboard.  My hope is … Continue reading

Achieving Your Piano-Playing Dreams

Piano Persistence

All throughout life, the principle of persistence is at work.  This principle explains the incredible levels of skill attained by advanced pianists (and all other advanced artists in any field). It is not usually so much that they are “talented” as the fact that they simply never stopped learning until they attained a highly advanced level of skill. They did … Continue reading

How to Overcome Performance Stage Fright

by Chris Goslow Have your ever been in a situation where your mind got in the way of your ability to achieve what you set out to achieve?  Has this ever happened, say, when you were playing your musical instrument? It happened to me. I had just turned eighteen. I was playing piano for a piano competition in San Francisco. … Continue reading

The Missing Ingredient in Most Practice Routines

Piano Practice

Let me ask you a question: When you think of the idea of piano practice, what associations come to mind? If you are like most people, you may have included words or descriptions on your list that are not exactly positive, words such as “hard,” “time consuming,” “hard to fit in,” “not fun,” “a chore.” In fact, the idea of … Continue reading