We Did it Again: 2017 A-List Best Music Instruction Finalist!

For the 2nd year in a row, Piano Lessons in Sacramento has placed in the final four for Sacramento’s A-List Contest for the category of “Best Music Instruction! As it turns out, this year, of the top 5 businesses for “Best Music Instruction,” Piano Lessons in Sacramento was the only one run by one teacher.  All the others are multi-teacher … Continue reading

How to Make Time for Piano in Your Life

If you are like most adults I work with, you have a lot going on in your life. You have a strong desire to learn piano, and at the same time you have the demands of work and family competing for your time and energy. You might be asking yourself, “How can I make time for piano?” After all, doesn’t … Continue reading

Piano Lessons Actually Designed for Adults

Let me ask you a question: What do you think of when you think of piano lessons? When I talk to people about teaching piano, I often get a similar response:  they assume (wrongly) that I primarily teach children. After all, that is their perception of who piano lessons are for. Believe me, I do teach some children, and they … Continue reading

Student Spotlight: Adult Piano Student Enjoys Lessons Sixty Years Later

It is Thursday morning.  My wife and I park on the street near Curtis Park in Sacramento, outside of a home belonging to Joan, one of my adult piano students. Even from the outside, the house leaves an impression: the quaint and nicely decorated exterior of a picturesque and well-maintained cottage. “I’ve been here for 52 years,” Joan explains, as … Continue reading

The Night the Lights Went Out (During Piano Class!)

It was a dark and stormy night… literally. Outside, the wind and rain came down in torrents. Inside the piano studio, five electronic pianos and an acoustic piano were set up, ready to be played on. Two minutes before the start of my group piano class, I stood at the front door to greet the first arrivals. All of a … Continue reading

Holiday Music at Good Day Sacramento!

I have always loved playing holiday music, and nowadays I enjoy teaching holiday music to my students each year.   Last month I was privileged to visit “Good Day Sacramento,” part of CW31’s TV station in Sacramento, to play holiday music for their morning show.  For me as a teacher, it was a joy to share this with my students.  For … Continue reading

Use Your Piano Skills in Musical Theater!

Let me ask you a question: Ever thought about playing piano for a musical? You may or may not know this, but there are many opportunities for able pianists (even non-professionals) to play for theater productions in community and school theater.  I have done many such musicals over the years, in everything from community theater to high school to college productions. … Continue reading

Student Spotlight: Student Achieving Her Musical Goals!

At Piano Lessons in Sacramento, I encourage my students to set and pursue musical goals that matter to them.  I believe setting and achieving your own goals is an exciting part of music learning and helps keep you motivated and excited about your own progress. Some of the goals my students have set for themselves include: putting on a concert, … Continue reading

The Improvisation Skills I Used In My Last Gig

A couple of weekends ago I did several gigs with a Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Tribute band from Florida.  We played a 90 minute show consisting of 60s and 70s hits such as  “Walk Like a Man” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.  On stage with me were four singers, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bass player.  Over … Continue reading